I'm starting to see a problem which I'm not sure started with GroupWise 8 or
after install SP1 for 8.

Mac user using webaccess receives an email with perhaps 1 or more in the
CC'ed field (not sure if it matters or not but that's the only "different"
thing I can see), they hit reply to all which brings up the message, let's
them type their reply and then after they send it, the recipant's reply back
that they received a blank email that contained only the subject line so the
mac user goes to their sent item and sure enough, the item they sent has no
message body.

Regular "reply" messages seem to work ok, the only problem appears (which
even then it's random), tested on PC webaccess and so far I can't duplicate
it. I don't a Mac to test this one and all I know is that are using the Mac
Safari browser.

Anyone seeing this?