Hi all,

I've a question about the automatic driver update feature for iPrint.
I installed this feature for Netware 6.5 with the iPrint SP8b patch set.

Here's my senario:
In iManager I checked the update check box for a printer agent.
The PC is rebooted and user is logged in. Nothing seems to happen. As soon as the user tries to print or opens his printer folder, a message appears about a new driver or profile is going to be updated.
My only printer which is the current default printer, disappears en reappears after a short while. With the new driver attached. But it has lost the default setting for this printer. When I run a wmsched for my iPrint policy, it returns. I can also log off and in so the iPrint policy becomes effective.

I'm happy with this driver update feature. But I'm not happy with:
1. The user has to acknowlegde the driver update twice, meaning click twice on OK
2. Can the driver update run silently.
3. I loose my default printer and doesn't return after driver update. Is there a force run option of the iPrint policy after a driver update.

Are there any solutions to these questions?