Greetings, am messing around with OES SP1b on SLES10 SP2, on an old Dell
server with a hardware RAID 1 (2x18GB) drives, I've had to setup EVMS to
control the system drive as I wanted to reserve about 6GB for NSS volumes
for some testing I want to do. I followed the steps in the OES2 SP1 Linux
install guide labelled "A.0 Installing Linux with EVMS as the Volume Manager
of the System Device" and
it seems to be working (have yet to do the NSS part but understand that is
more straightforward), but what I'm wondering or worried about is in section
A.3.3 where it talks you through the manual changes to the various boot
services, it mentions "IMPORTANT:Whenever you upgrade the server, the
boot.lvm service must be enabled in order for the YaST install to boot."

What does it mean by this exactly? What kind of upgrade? Are we talking
when I run OES SP2 for instance, or just an online update, or ... ??? Is it
saying that the various manual service changes will be overwritten by the

Obviously I want to make proper notes concerning upgrades for any servers I
setup this way.

I think on most servers I'll follow what seems to be the general advice and
to setup one device for boot/root/swap partitions, and a separate device for
NSS (which EVMS will handle), but just in case I can't do this on an older
server or for whatever reason (such as my test server), want to get this