As a result of your feedback and further analysis on our part, I’d like to let you know that we have decided NOT to move forward with the knowledgebase portion of the plan. To be clear, ALL knowledgebase content, including Technical Information Documents, for all Novell products will continue to be freely available to all Novell customers and partners—regardless of maintenance or subscription status.

Your comments reminded us that our knowledgebase is a critical self-support mechanism for Novell products and that Novell support forums are greatly enriched by the direct and valuable contributions of a community, including many of you. Accordingly, continuing access to these resources on an unrestricted basis is the right choice.

We do intend to proceed with our planned policy changes requiring current maintenance to access patches and support packs. We recognize, however, that a longer notification period would allow customers to properly plan and budget for this change. As a result, we will be announcing a new date when this policy will go into effect.

We fundamentally believe in the value of our maintenance program and the quality and functional enhancements we deliver through our patch and service pack updates.

We appreciate the quick and candid feedback this community provided. We believe these changes balance the concerns you've raised and our ability to deliver innovation and support over the long run.

Thank you again for your passion and support of Novell.
Colleen O'Keefe
Novell Services