I've installed a replica OES2 Linux but only SLES is registred to CC and can receive updates.

What i did;
- Installed SLES10-SP2-64bits
- Registred SLES with activation code
- Updated server
- Add OES2 64bits as Add-on-product
- Got question about registre OES2, but it didn't ask for activation code.
- I receive an e-mail that ask me to registre it by clicking on a link
- Click on link and get redirected to CC
- Log into CC, but the list over systems ready for activation is empty.

Then i Googlet about this problem and found an TID to delete registration and re-activate using CLI. Again only SLES-part get activatet and not the OES2-part. Activation code is legal and is copy directly from our customer center web-page.

So what can i do?