If this isn't the best forum for this question, please advise and
I'll re-post there.

We have audit turned on for most of our lab printers around
campus. I've been asked to provide information on printing for
some evaluation of pages used. We have seen some obvious
errors in the data collected. I find it difficult to believe that a
student printed a 5000 page job in less than a minute to any
printer, whether an HP LJ9050N or HP LJ4350N, but we have
some rows that indicate exactly this.

How are page counts calculated? Would a complicated page
cause this type of out-of-whack page count? I know I'll be
asked this and doubt that I'll find any documentation that could
provide this answer. I'm hoping someone out here might have
encountered this issue before.

We're running netware 6.5 SP7. On the server where our broker
lives, we have NDPSM.NLM 3.02.07, NDPSGW.NLM 4.00.17,
BROKER.NLM 3.00.12., RMANSRVR.NLM 3.06.04