Just thought I'd share my experience.

Before going to vacation 2 weeks ago I had completed installing DSfW into
the tree and joined a couple of XP workstations (that had Novell Client
installed) to the tree successfully. Now I came back and proceeded with
adding more workstations, but not so successfully any more.

The workstation joining process actually seems to go OK (it ends with the
"Welcome to THEDOMAIN domain!" message and the Computer object is created).
However, after rebooting the workstation it is impossible to log in to
domain, the message is "The trust relationship between this workstation and
primary domain failed". When looking at the log on the server
(/var/opt/novell/xad/log/kdc.log) there are messages which seem to indicate
that the password for the computer account is incorrect:

Sep 28 15:09:31 delta krb5kdc[24816](info): AS_REQ (3 etypes {23 3 1}) PREAUTH_FAILED: it-103$@TLV.TLVSISE for
krbtgt/TLV.TLVSISE@TLV.TLVSISE, Preauthentication failed
Sep 28 15:09:31 delta krb5kdc[24816](info): preauth (timestamp) verify
failure: Decrypt integrity check failed

After trying various things it turns out that if Novell Client is
uninstalled before adding workstation to domain and then re-installed once
the workstation is in domain, things work OK.

The only thing that I have changed in between is patching the DSfW server
with the following:
Patch: oes2sp1-edirectory-885-ftf1 Kind: recommended Version: 6447-0
Patch: oes2sp1-stability-update2 Kind: recommended Version: 6448-0
Patch: slesp2-gnutls Kind: security Version: 6470-0
Patch: slesp2-mutt Kind: security Version: 6484-0
Patch: slesp2-yast2-ldap-client Kind: recommended Version: 6390-0
Patch: slesp2-yast2-network Kind: recommended Version: 6368-0

It is, of course, also possible that different workstations that I've tried
this with have different combination of Microsoft KBxxxxxx updates and even
different XP SP's (we have some machines with SP2 and some with SP3).

So, if you have similar problems with joining workstations to domain, it is
possible that removing Novell Client is worth a try.