Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but the problem became apparent when I installed GWAVA. I moved and upgraded an old GW6 system to GW8 from NW5.0 SBS to a new NW6.5 (OES NW) box. GWIA ran fine w/Guinevere until I upgraded it and had to switch to GWAVA. GWAVA couldn't find Kaspersky's FTP website, which generated (JAVA?) errors, and wasn't able to do some kind of lookups to determine what was/wasn't spam, so I've been whitelisting good sites, and letting more spam through (3000+/day!). FWIW - very good support from GWava folks, but this is what stumped them: ALL pings, DNS lookups, StartX GUI browser, etc. on new server are returning the IP of the company's OUTSIDE website for every single website. Ask for, get

However, GWIA is not having a problem getting correct MX addresses (but reverse ptr checking fails - turned that off), so email is sending (thankfully!!!). Both the NW5 and NW6.5 servers have 2 nics - one for private lan, one to connect (through 5-port switch) to T1 router. Client has 10 public ip's (wow!), and I have them NAT mapped to servers/WS's, so I can remotely support them w/PCAnywhere. Anyway, I changed the primary public IP on the old server's pub nic, and put that on the new server's pub nic. I used the exact same outside DNS servers on both servers. When I ran some tests in ConsoleOne, I could see the website's IP addr appear as a known TCP addr, but when I looked at INETCFG and TCPCON, I can't figure out why or where it's getting that address (other than it being the A record/website for my client's domain name). Any ideas/help greatly appreciated.