ConsoleOne is running from our Windows pc's, but the servers are OES2 SP1 Linux.

Well, webaccess puts the files in /var/opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess for the webacc.cfg and commgr.cfg


I'm noticing that when I go in and changes things (like don't use client ip for security, and don't show the documents tab) that nothing happens.

Okay, I can kinda understand that part where the client PC (Windows) isn't writing (or able to write) to /var/opt/novell/blah blah

But, the snapins don't give an error either.

Anyone else "administering" their system from a diff. platform?

I just find it too easy to mess things up using ConsoleOne on the actual OES2 server (especially if you go back and forth between the one on Windows and the one on Linux).

Or is this just one of those, I'll have to live with it and learn to love it until we get a web-based admin or something?

I suppose I could always expose that path via NCP or something, but I'd REALLY rather not do that.