Have 10.2.1 and with the Remote management listener started from ZCC I can reverse connect (users can request a remote control session) and the hosts I have defined in ZCC in the remote management policy as Remote Lsiteners get the request and can initiate a remote control session.

Now I want the listener started automatiacally on my HelpDesk PC's when my helpdesk staff logs in = start nzrviewer in commandline using a ZCM bundle using the "/listen" option. BUT it does not work...

I am down to it being a certificate issue so I need to use the /cert and /key options with the /listen - but I can find no documentation on where/how to export these certs + keys from the ZCM server.

Anyone know this ?

I can see others in same predicament in the forum - so help is needed :-)

/KR Bjrn