I have 3 Novell Servers 6.5 SP 7 today I went into NWADMIN to give rights to a user under on of the servers we call ARTEMIS and it was not browsable from within NWADMIN. Yes it is in the tree, yes I could see the volumes, yes volumes were all mounted, users can connect to all the volumes, login script maps all drives. But when I went to add the particular folders on any volume of server Artemis. I can't see the nss volumes to do so, I can see it in console one just fine, Imanager as well is fine. I was able to give the user rights using console one with no problem. The other two servers show their volumes just fine with no problems. There is one error in the log for Artemis

9-29-2009 9:26:27 am: SERVER-5.70-3651
Severity = 1 Locus = 14 Class = 2
POLICY MANAGER - (5.00-035): Update Connection License failed. Error # C0001001

Artemis also hung but did not abend at 9:11am this morning all was well once I restarted to my surprise there was nothing in the abend log. But then later found the problem with in NWADMIN when I went to give user access to folders on volume on server Artemis. Please advise.