I’m trying to set up iPrint services on a server that I’ve had to rebuild after a hardware failure. Backups did not include the NDPS folder at the root of the SYS volume, so I decided to delete the broker, print manager and associated printer agents from eDir and start over. I am able to use iManager to create the broker and upload printer drivers without any problem. I can create the print manager also, but starting it seems to be an issue. When I go to the server console and type load ndpsm and browse to the print manager, I get the following message:

“The NDPS Manager’s database resides on volume ‘NI_FS1_SYS.NI.SBUSD’. The database for the NDPS Manager is not on this file server or the volume containing the database is not mounted. The database must be moved to a mounted volume on this file server to continue.”

I’m then prompted to move the database and if I select yes, the only available volume listed is ADMIN_NI_FS1.NI.SBUSD. If I select no, then NDPSM unloads.

The NI_FS1_SYS.NI.SBUSD volume is mounted, so I'm not sure why I'm having a problem with it.

The server is running NetWare 6.5 SP 8, the broker is v 3.0.12, and the print manager is v 3.02f.

iPrint was installed to the server after rebuilding it, but the old broker, print manager, and printer agents were still in eDir, but I’m not sure if this means anything. I was planning on visiting the school site and uninstalling iPrint and deleting the broker and print manager from eDir and then reinstalling. I’m not sure if there are any log files that I can take a look at for more info, but any suggestions for a course of action are appreciated.