I am running the DNS/DHCP Management Console in an old Windows XP Pro SP2 computer, and it works fine. But when I install it in my XP Pro SP3 computer it refuses to start. It stucks at the welcome screen with the globe animation and doesn't go any further. And there is also no apparent program or process to kill in the Task Manager, and the CPU util is zero. I have to log out and back in again to get rid of the welcome screen.

I am wondering if it may have something to do with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)? I am using the latest version in my SP3 machine, where it doesn't work, and a much older version in my SP2 machine, where it works. I have not upgraded Java in that machine because I am afraid that the Management Console might stop working... If Java is the source of the problem, is it impossible to get it to work with a newer Java?