I'm hoping someone may have some input on this.

I've set up a user for automated public key login based on this: NetWare OpenSSH services - Support for public key authentication.

SSH or SFTP work fine with this, and apparently authentication works fine for SCP as well (no surprise there). However, if I use the scp command (linux side) to copy a file from the Netware server, it finds the remote file, creates an empty local file, and never fills it with the data.

[root@pmisodbl05 ~]# scp cn=VPNloguser,ou=VPN,ou=Services,o=XYZ@servername: LOG/20091007.LOG .
20091007.LOG 100% 0 0.0KB/s 00:00
Connection to pdivradn02 closed by remote host.

The file on the remote server is almost 13kb.

I've looked through the same account with verbose logging turned on but it doesn't give me any hints what's happening.

Thanks in advance!