I'm not a developer. I don't know the ins and outs of creating and
supporting applications. I don't know what it takes to support multiple
platforms and such.

However, here is my opinion as it pertains to the one company giving me
technology blues.

I believe that this company had no product planning when they first
started writing their software. I say this because I don't believe any
programmer worth his/her salt would ever write a program using Microsoft
Access. Back when they started this program they would have had Visual
C++, Visual Basic, and Java as options. Given this company's
development style VB would have been better than Access.

My other problem is that they haven't moved past SQL Server 2000. Their
excuse is that Microsoft changed 2005 to much. I know plenty of
companies that have made the leap. Many complained, but in the end they
were able to support 2005 within a year or two of it's release.

To be told that virtualization is not even on there road map was almost
laughable. They are so far behind the technology curve I'm almost sure
they are about to get lapped. Of course none of this currently does me
any good because I'm still stuck with them. My only hope is that next
year we can look at a different vendor.

** Cut and Paste ** Question to Developers **

1. How long does it generally take to support modern technologies?
2. Would you ever create a program using something like Access?
3. Do you currently support or plan to support virtualization?
4. Have you worked on projects that, technology wise, hit a brick wall
because of bad choices in initial design?