I've come across threads askling about how to, using NWAdmin and a user template, populate a new users' HOME directory at account creation time. I sem to remember some threads mentioning that it was not possible to do such a thing. Being stubborn, I could not accept that, so this is how I managed to accomplish it:

In the user template, Environment tab, put a check mark in the Run Setup box. In the Setyup Script box insert the copelte UNC path to the DOS batch file you are goingto create next. I named mine MAKEDIR.BAT, and I placed it in \\Servername\sys\public\MAKEDIR.BAT.

My batch file contains the following lines:

@echo off
REM This batch file will be called by the user_template object
REM during the account creation proces in NetWare Administrator.
REM It will populate the users' HOME directory with the desired
REM directory structure. It can be modified to copy files if so
REM deired, or anything else for that matter. LCarter, 09Oct09.
cd home
@ECHO This step will populate the users' Home directory
@ECHO Please enter the users' new Login Name (then press Enter)
SET /P Login=
cd %Login%
--All the things you want to make happen.
--Insert comands just like you would for
--a regular MS-DOS batch file, I used things like MD, CD, and copy
--pretty simple things.


Make sure that you are logged in as a user with the rights to perform the tasks identified. I assume that since you are logged in as a uer powerful enough to create user accounts, you probably have the power.

H:\Home is the location for my HOME directory structure.

The SET /P Login= line takes the users typed in name and passes it to the next line, so that the current directory is H:\HOME\Users' login name.

Then you're taken back to the root of the H:\ drive (no reason, just cause)

During the user account creation, you'll be presented with a DOS window, asking you to enter the users' login name and press enter. Once you do, the process will complete, and the contents of the batch file will complete.

My world here is NetWare 65 sp7, and my desktops are WinXP, with WinXP DOS v5.1 I believe.

I could not find an answer, so I figured out how to accomplish my need. If I just missed finding it elsewhere, sorry.