I know I've read a fix for the first one way-back-when, but can't
remember it:

● Can't get "Diagnose Server" to expand. Clicking the "+" does nothing.
The rest of NoRM seems to work normally.

● In two locations, one of 3 Netware 6.5 servers has NoRM running only
using http://<serverip>:81 rather than https:....8009 (or 8008 or
what-you-will). I can't figure out if there could be some reason it was
done this way, or if not, how to fix it. Is there any reason someone
would implement one of 3 servers (in each location) to use the different
port and not secure http?

In particular, if this 2nd issue iss somehow a firewall issue, I can
change that, but how do I then change the port that NoRM uses, and to
use https?


-- DE