So I updated my NetWare 6.5 server to all the latest greatest including the
iprint sp that supports vista/win7. Unfortunately it has a new 'feature'
that is both incorrect and improperly implemented....

The new feature I speak of is the reporting of 'hostname not resolvable'
messages to the system console. First of all this is an incorrect message as
the hostnames are perfectly resolvable. What should be reported is that the
printer cannot be pinged or that there is an lpr communication error, but
really it should be that the printer does not respond to ping, or is simply
not responding to comms. I'm sure that most can see that this (no response
to ping) is a far different error than not being able to resolve the

Secondly it would be much better idea to direct these STATUS messages to the
logger console screen rather than the system console.

Best of all would be an option for ndpsgw to not display these messages at