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Thread: Any IBM FC Gurus out there?

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    Any IBM FC Gurus out there?

    Customer has a SAN problem. Initially LUNs were visible, but not accessible, then they moved stuff around and now they are invisible. NW Server has IBM / QLogic adapters. In the FC switch monitor ports go disabled when the server(s) boot.

    Error is along the lines of "Switch not ready for F or L ports". And yes, it really worked before.

    Area Port Media Speed State Proto
    0 0 id N2 Online F-Port 20:08:00:a0:b8:1f:58:db
    1 1 id N2 Online F-Port 21:00:00:e0:8b:02:84:6e
    2 2 id N2 Online L-Port 1 public
    3 3 id N4 Online F-Port 21:00:00:1b:32:1e:d7:a1
    4 4 id N4 No_Sync Disabled (Switch not ready for F or L port
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