The error is below:

>>> Creating the DNS Resource Records object for Additional domain controller
ldap_modify: Type or value exists
additional info: NDS error: duplicate value (-614)
ldif_record() = 20
adding new entry "cn=72f521f6-b959-11de-9ced-000c29ffc193_#msdcs,cn=cad_hk,OU=novell,dc=cad,dc= hk"

modifying entry "cn=@,cn=cad_hk,OU=novell,dc=cad,dc=hk"

make: *** [nds_configure_dns_RR_objects_for_ADC] Error 20

Thu Oct 15 15:08:42 HKT 2009
End of DSfW installation and provisioning

*I already create the host name and PTR record in first DNS server, disable some option in Domain Password Policy, what is that means of error?

Many Thanks