Little bit of back ground...

I have setup a freeRadius server with hooks into eDir, at the university I work for. This is designed to handle authentication for a new wireless solution we have installed. My netware server is 6.5 SP 7, eDir 8.7.3. All is working well with regards to this setup.

I have enable Universal Passwords as part of the setup for free radius. I have created a password policy and added it to the student context. I have installed and enabled nmas client in the public computer labs on campus and as students have been logging in they have been populating their universal passwords. This is working well.

My question/hurdle is a method to set UP's for students who do not visit the labs. Something other then having them call the help desk. I wonder if there is someway to add the ability to set your UP from our website as well as change your password. Basically i would like to add a place to set your UP from our web page amongst the instructions for the new wireless system. Has this been done by anyone??

Also I am looking for a decent tool to check and see if a users/students UP has been set yet. Something that with a decent interface that I can provide for the student run help desks around campus.

Any info on either would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.