So, the last two nights (well into the middle of the night), my husband's
Sonicare toothbrush (we have his/hers brushes, duly labeled as such <g>) has
started doing an odd beep. It's not a high pitched beep, nor is it a
vibration. But it beeps twice, pauses for a few seconds and then starts
again. The first night I got up and thought I had stopped it - and it came
back about an hour later (just long enough for me to get back to sleep).
Last night I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed and it stopped all on
its own after about 5 minutes!

Both brushes show fully charged. I turned them both on this morning to see
if anything looked different in how they were programmed - just the same. I
turned them off and they went into their "standby" mode, where there are
still "on" and will pick up the same 2 minute run they were on where you
left off if you turn them back on. I left them on the counter, and mine
turned off. Joe's turned itself back on for a couple of seconds, vibrating
on the counter, then turned off again. Later it just turned on all by
itself, and then turned off again.

I'm tempted to just try to run the battery totally out and let it "reset"
itself somehow. Has anyone else ever had a possessed toothbrush like this?
Maybe tonight I'll wrap it in a towel and stick it in the cupboard to try to
keep it from waking me

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