I've downloaded the 3 ISO's for the public beta release of sp2 for OES2. I installed the update to SLES sp3 by booting from the DVD1 ISO image. However, that doesn't seem to have updated any of the OES components, namely iFolder. So, I assume I need to apply the updates contained in the oes2sp2-x86_64-public-beta-CD1.iso. Problem is, I don't see how to do that. I thought it would be done in Yast with the "Patch CD Update" but when I try that I get "Initialization failed. Check that you have inserted the correct CD." I also tried to boot from it like with the SLES update, but that didn't work either. I read all the docs I could find, but nothing shoved me in the right direction...

All I'm really after here is the latest version of iFolder, if that matters.