Is there any one that is familiar with syntax of the multiple x-fields lines?
The explanation and examples in the documentation are not enough clear.
There is short description of the problem:

We have eSafe cluster used to check inbound messages. The suspected mail have MIME x-field mark once
"X-ESAFE-STATUS:[esafe-serv1] Spam tagged",
or "X-ESAFE-STATUS:[esafe-serv2] Spam tagged"
and sometimes both
"X-ESAFE-STATUS:[esafe-serv1] Spam tagged"
"X-ESAFE-STATUS:[esafe-serv2] Spam tagged"
- because of the fact, that part of the messages are double checked (it's okay, works as designed).
My question is: What is correct form to insert all possibilities of the x-fields values above to enforce the spam be redirected to "Junk mail" folder.
I have tried several forms: in one line (with the space as delimiter), in separated lines etc.
Sometimes it worked and sometimes not. I can't find any regularity or any correlation between the settings and client behavior.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated!