I'm just in a craptastic mood and want to bellyache.

1. I'm tired of lazy egotistical developers.
2. I'm tired of sites or software designed to work only with IE.
3. I'm sick of software that's suppose to work together with other
software and doesn't.
4. I'm tired of support staff who blame everything, but their crappy
5. I'm sick of people who think Linux will dominate Windows or think
Linux should be hard to use.
6. I hate software patents.
7. I despise bloated software designed by those lazy developers. Clean
it up already.
8. I'm sick of people who stop before making a right turn (U.S. Drivers).
9. I'm tired of people pulling out in front of you only to drive
frigging slow.
10. Weekends are long enough.
11. I despise dishonest people.
12. I'm personally sick of politics and religious talk.
13. My neck frigging hurts.
14. I hate blogs that pretend to be news articles on news sites. Stop
that **** already. News sites don't need blogs.
15. And mostly I just hate waking up on a Monday feeling like ****.