The forums are one of Novell's better support mechanisms (in my view) however they are fairly poorly maintained for the amount of traffic they get.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to upgrade the forums with a few new features such as
a) By default hide quoted text to make the thread easier to read. Have a link that exposes the quoted text. Example here

b) Allow anyone to vote on each response to say if the answer was helpful/not. This would allow people to then search for the most helpful answer with keywords X & Y in the thread

c) Perhaps a slightly cleaner interface, remove some of the clutter and lines. My philosophy on this reflects Steve Krug's words "Create the website then remove half the content, then remove half again and it will be about right" i his book "Don't make me think"

d) A smoother/faster interface


P.S> These ideas are by no means unique, I've stolen them from the Google forums as ideas