Seems like Verizon is going head-on against Apple and the iPhone. First
there's the "Droid Does" commercial some of you may have read about.

Then today I heard a Verizon ad on the radio, where they kept talking
about their 3G coverage and repeatedly saying the phrase "there's a map
for that." Sounded very familiar to Apple's "there's an app for that"
slogan in their iPhone TV commercials. Even the voice sounded the
same... wonder if it was the same guy or not.

Android hasn't done much yet only being available on T-Mobile. If
Verizon comes out full steam pushing this device in conjunction with
touting their 3G coverage being better than AT&T... have fun, Apple.

(To say nothing of when Verizon also finally starts carrying the Pre.)

It will be interesting to see how the market looks one year from now.

Does this washcloth smell like chloroform?