Been fighting this problem for a while now with Excel 2003. Trying to
print to an HP Color LaserJet 4600 and I need it to print mulitple pages
per sheet, say four pages per sheet. Hasn't worked for a while and I
thought it was an iPrint problem but I've got a fresh XP machine with no
Novell Client, no iPrint client, nothing... just trying to print directly
to the IP address of the printer and I get the same results. Telling
Excel to print all worksheets and the first worksheet comes out landscape
reduced to the upper lefthand corner like it should but then the rest of
the page is blank instead of having worksheets 2-4 on it. After that,
the remaining pages print full size one page per sheet.

I've tried PCL6 & PS drivers, one set from 2004 and another from 2007
(the latest) with the same results. I'm about to try the universal

FYI, I originally started working on this using XP SP3 & Office 2003 SP3
but now I've gone to a fresh XP SP2 (no post-SP2 patches) & Office 2003
SP2 machine with the same results.

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