Do I have to pay to get support for a bug?
Customers may Submit a Bug Report without speaking to a support
engineer. However, if you want to speak to a support engineer, a service
request is required. If your issue is an unreported Novell software
defect, you will not be charged for the service request. However, if
this software defect was already been reported and logged as a Support
TID in our Novell Support Website Knowledgebase it will be considered a
service request.

Will the "bug" tid's be restricted?

Actually it just occurred to me that it doesn't matter, as those who
aren't on maintenance can't call in anyway..

Regardless I think that faq will probably need to be edited.

As will this one

As will

"World class support
Novell's world class support organization offers customers the best
support experience in the industry. Learn about Novell's commitment to
quality and how customers and industry experts recognize Novell as one
of the finest support organizations in the world. "

Perhaps it should consult "industry experts" and see if that statement
is still true.