Hi All,

not sure if this exactly the right forum location. If not let me know and I will post it elsewhere.

we have had in the recent past a couple of issues having been reported to us that e-mails to an external NON-GroupWise User are not sent.

To explain in more detail, we have had users that have recently returned to Japan. Their GroupWise accounts have been removed from our system. They have returned home and have started to work again at our Japanese HQ. They have then sent e-mails from their email system, which is a NON-GroupWise system and with a new email address to their former colleagues here in Europe. The colleagues have then replied to that email. The email appears to have been sent to that user in Japan, but it in fact has not been sent. No error is returned that a failure has occurred. We have found out that the users who have recently returned to Japan didn't have a Post Office entry for the external NON-GroupWise Post Office in our system. As soon as we updated the Post Office, the mail was sent successfully.

Our question is, how can we avoid this issue? How can we allow mail to be sent to a user in an external NON-GroupWise Post Office, even though the Post Office may not be updated for sometime to include that particular user, which as far as I am aware is only a manual process.

Any help or info regarding the above would be appreciated.