SLES 10, GW 8.0.1 - installed SP1 on Saturday.

Most of my users are still using Thunderbird as their client and connecting via IMAP to the GWIA to read mail. After the SP1 update on Saturday, it appears that the GWIA is not allowing the requested number of IMAP threads.

In C1 (GWIA properties, POP3/IMAP4 tab), I have both IMAP and IMAP SSL set to use 64 threads. In the web interface to view the GWIA settings, logs, etc., the Configuration page lists "Number of Secure IMAP threads" as 64 (good!) and the "Number of IMAP threads" as 10 (yikes...not good). In C1, I've bumped the IMAP threads up to 255, but the GWIA still only wants to use 10.

The result of this is after a few minutes, all threads are taken and performance slows to a crawl while users wait for threads to be released. After the backlog hits a certain point, the GWIA dies (no IMAP connections are made and the web interface to the settings, logs, etc. dies).

Obviously, a little help sooner rather than later would be greatly preferred. :-)