I have created a new iPrint system in an existing tree.

The printers are installed into a container for print objects only.

The iPrint server is OES2 Linux, eDir 8.8, some older NetWare servers
are 8.7.3

My problem is any user can print to any printer, the User Role is only
occupied by the tree admin and the print object container. Currently
the Operator and Manager roles are still only the Tree admin.

I discovered this problem also seems to have existed with NDPS but was
not an issue as printer installation was not as simple as the web based
install in iPrint, which is how we want to do it, rather than use iCM.

I have updated iManager and OES2, deleted the printers and tried again,
users without access can still print.

Is it possible this could be a schema extension issue?

Thanks, Paul.