I've been hemming and hawing for a bit on this, but we did it this last

50+ gigs (120 users) email from GW8 to Exchange 07. 75++gigs of files
from NW to Server 08.

Cluster to cluster, old hardware to new.

1. The Groupwise migration we did without any special (read Paid)
software. We used IMAPSync. That was a bit ... painful, but not bad
for free. Exported the calendars (that needed exporting) to .ICS
(cleaned up the non-standard stuff that GW exports with it with a little
Java program). People's Freq Contacts came over with CSV. If we had
any more users than what we did, it would have been worth paying ..
Might have anyway - but who's counting.

2. Exchange IS pretty darn easy to Administer. Oh, yeah, and our WinMO
/ PALM PRE / iPhones now sync to Exchange (via EAS -- which Novell still
hasn't put out). The Treos and Centros are pretty much SOL though
(certificate issues).

3. NTFS permissions in Windows SUCKS. But we ALL knew that.

4. Group policies are pretty nice. Yeah, Zenworks has them -- and we
tried to BUY Zenworks, but NOBODY would give a CURRENT MLA customer a
quote since the "area zone rep" had left the company -- nobody else
wanted to even mess with it.

4a. AD is about the same (for us) as NDS. 120 users is really not a
big deal.

5. When we told Novell (at our renewal time) that we were going to be
leaving, they told us we couldn't for another YEAR, since we didn't give
them 90 day -- we had to PAY more maintenance. That hastened this

6. Another of my clients is considering "the change". The worst thing
for them, though, will be the GW -> Exchange migration. They WILL need
the software, as some of their email boxes (such as Sent) are > 65535