At lunchtime yesterday, all the workstations joined to our DSfW domain
started logging this to syslog, once every 4 hours or so:

Time Provider NtpClient: The response received from domain controller is missing the signature. The response may have been
tampered with and will be ignored.

I can't think of anything I did that might have caused this. eDirectory
looks healthy and 'xadcntrl validate' shows all green.

Fortunately there are no user-observable ill effects (yet).

We have two DSfW servers and workstations are giving the same complaint
about both of them. Both machines are patched up to latest OES2 patches
and I also added last week's SLES10 patches (apache, libapr, samba) today.
I did 'xadcntrl reload' on both servers but this doesn't seem to help. The
only idea I have left is to reboot the servers. Any other ideas?

Toomas Aas
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