Hi I am trying to create an installation server so I can install my future servers over the network rather from the DVD.

From my installation server running sles10sp2 I have setup as follows
Server configuration is config'd as HTTP Source, and the directory for sources is /lansetup. The IP of the server is and the directory Alias is suse

I have created a source with name sles10sp2 and it has extracted my iso and put the install in /lansetup/sles10sp2/CD1

And I can browse to it by going to

But if I start my second server with the sles CD and select F4 and change the DVD to HTTP, put in for the install and /suse/sles10sp2 as the source, it will time out and not find it.

Could it just be that the servers network card is not up to doing this ?
The box is a HP DL360-G2 so a bit old.