Okay, so it's really a NOWS SBE 2 to NOWS SBE 2.5 upgrade. And YES, I know it isn't supported in a Xen VM but it was supported in a fully virtual DomU when the server was deployed.

Given that...
  • My Dom0 and hypervisor are SLES 10 SP2 64 bit.
  • My DomU is fully virtual - NOWS SBE 2 (SLES10 SP1)
  • I have ISO images on Dom0 for the SLES 10 SP2 DVD and the OES 2 SP1 CD.
  • I must continue using Xen

For the moment, let's ignore any limitations that apply specifically to NOWS SBE. I'll address those concerns in the SBE forum. Here's what I need to know:

Can I simply boot my SLES 10 SP2 DVD and reference the OES 2 SP1 CD as an add-on product to complete the upgrade as I would when not using Xen?

Can I reference the OES 2 SP1 CD that resides in Dom0 or do I have to copy it to DomU.

I've read the OES 2 SP1 documentation for upgrading a Xen VM but I'm assuming that procedure was designed to circumvent the booting limitations in a para-virtual DomU. Is that correct?


Kevin Boyle