I'm trying Xananews again, and I have some questions for those who have
use it extensively. And, yes, I'm using the most current version

1. How do you move to the original post. So, if the thread is several
screens long, and you are reading a reply, how do you get back to the
message that the reply is to, if it's above the visible screen?

In VA, you just hit O.

2. How do you get it to stop automatically quoting the message to
which you're replying? I know if you select some text before replying,
that it then doesn't quote the whole message, but how do you get it to
not quote when you DON'T preselect text?

3. Is there any automatic scheduler that will also send whatever is in
the outbasket, if you select to use an outbasket?

4. Does the Xananews discussion forum exist anywhere anymore?

5. Is there any feature like the Hold feature VA has, which will keep
a reply from being sent the next time you send Queued Requests?


Novell Community Chat Moderator