Not that it is much of a surprise to many of you but Novell went through another round of layoffs last week. No names please.

But I will say a LARGE quantity of Tech talent was released. Some in Consulting, some in GW Development (umm...can you say "I think we will outsource that job."), some in PSE/DSE areas -Premium/Dedicated Support engineers. (These are the guys that are either handling 4 accounts or just one as technical assistance to the accounts). And of course other areas.

My guess on the PSE/DSE is that Novell just could not sell customers on paying -way too much- for top quality talent. Now in a down economy, many organizations cut back so that may account for some of it as well. But ask yourself this....if Novell was doing well, wouldn't they be able to maintain or re-negotiate some of these type contracts? I mean, better to bring in 1% profit on a PSE then to lose the contract completely. Likely I pontificate...its just not Novell's direction to do services anymore.

Lastly, I did not hear of any top level mgmt. that has had poor performance losing their jobs. Seems the loss of 1 high salary, low producer could have saved many top quality tech guys. But then, that's just me again...pontificating in how to properly run a business.


Take Care.

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