Sorry, this ain't it.

However, since many people are wondering who was nominated, who was
accepted, and who accepted the position, I thought I would let you know
that I'm waiting on dust to settle, people to get back from thier holidays
in Tahiti or wherever, contracts to be signed, etc. before making an
official announcement. Wouldn't I have egg on my face if I announced
someone and they decided not to join?!?

New NKPs are welcome to announce themselves before I do though...and I'm
sure sentient beings can use the power of deduction to figure some things

We had 95 nominations (some duplicates for the same people) and in the end
selected 25 individuals. Everyone that was nominated deserved some
recognition. The 2009 NKP team helped me select nominees and those chosen
were based on their propensity to share their knowledge and experience
with other Novell users.

Anyway...there you go. You can keep wondering now until the Ts are
crossed and the Is are dotted.

Kim (11/4/2009 11:28:29 AM Mountain)