We currently migrate our NW ndps printers to our new OES2 iprint system.

I've got one question about the large amount of time needed to install printers in WTS environments. It took me a day (8 hours) to install 80 printers on a test account.

Is that normal? Did I forgot to configure something?

Environment :
Windows 2003 TSE SP1 & SP2 + full patch set
Iprint 5.12 & Iprint 5.30
Test accounts : one with limited rights and another with Admin rights.

Our server are not over used ( 4 * 2,4ghz Xeon, 4Go Ram, Gigabit network, 1 user connected ) and looking at the process list doesn't gives me any way to track that issue, and ipperr log file still free of errors.

Any help will be highly appreciate ! :)

Best regards

Benjamin PREISS