To add iPrint support for Windows 7 for our users, I upgraded our OES Netware Server to OES2 SP1 (Netware 6.5 SP8)
and installed the patch iPrint Win 7 - NW65SP8b-2 following the installation instructions contained in Document ID 5061460.
I followed strictly TID 3424524 to replace the iManager iPrint plug-in.

the following modules are active now:
IPPSRVR.NLM: Version 4.02.01 24 June 2009
NDPSGW.NLM: Version 4.01.01 24 June 2009
NDPSM.NLM: Version 3.03.01 25 June 2009
RMANSRVR.NLM: Version 3.07.01 12 June 2009

iManager Base Content:
iManager Framework:
iManager Framework Content:
iPrint Netware Management Plug-in:

Novell iPrint Client: v5.30.00 (all Windows Platforms)

When accessing
iPrint->Manage Broker-><name of broker>->RMS-Drivers
and then selecting "Windows 7 (32bit)" or "Windows 7 (64-bit)" in the dropdown-list "Drivers Platform"
results in an error page displaying "A page has performed an illegal action."
Selecting other platforms works properly.
(Same error occurs with
Firefox 3.5.5 (on Vista 32-bit and Win 7 64-bit),
IE 8.0.6001.18828 (on Vista 32 bit),
IE 8.0.7600.16385 (on Win 7 64-bit) and
IE 7.0.5730.11 (on Win XP))

Any ideas whats going wrong?

Heinrich Ney, RZ Uni Bayreuth, Germany