We are planning to migrate from NW 6.5 SP8 physical servers with fiber san storage to OES2 Linux in VI3 environment connected to EQ iscsi storage, and I'm looking for suggestions. My current half baked plan is this-
- create iscsi target on EQ and attach to current Netware servers
- create new volumes on EQ and mount on phys servers
- use VCU to copy content from old nss volumes to new ones
- dismount old volumes and rename new ones with old names
- create pre-migration Netware VMs and migrate to them from phys servers
- Let dust settle
- Create OES Linux VMs and migrate to them from Netware VMs

Also, will run trustee.nlm and make sure I have good backups to tape. Does this sound right, or am I creating a lot of unnecessary work? Thanks.