I have read and re-read the documentation on DSfW and I have to say it is about as clear as mud! Please help!

I am looking at using DSfW in my existing tree, but I am NOT looking to redesign the tree to fit DSfW.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that you can only have 1 DSfW Forest per Novell Tree.
If that first DSfW Domain in the DSfW Forest is a Name-Mapped Domain, then basically there is only 1 DSfW Domain in the Novell Tree and every container and object below the root of the DSfW Domain is part of that DSfW Domain
If that first DSfW Domain in the DSfW Forest is a Non-Name-Mapped Domain, then there can be other DSfW Domains in the DSfW Forest.

However this is were I loss the plot...

My Tree looks like the following:
|- o=ORG
|- ou=North
| |- ou=Location1
| |- ou=Location2
|- ou=South
| |- ou=Location3
| |- ou=Location4
|- ou=East
| |- ou=Location5
| |- ou=Location6
|- ou=West
| |- ou=Location7
| |- ou=Location8
|- ou=HeadOffice

What I want to do is to have a root level domain "org.dsfw" so that I can have a number of child domains:
"location1.org.dsfw" ... "location8.org.dsfw" and "headoffice.org.dsfw"

Is this realistic? Do I need to do anything special during setup?

I have also see/heard of issues with installing DSfW at the root of an existing production tree??