After upgrading My GroupWise system from 7.0.2 to 8.0.1 on Netware. Primary
& PO same server, then Secondary & PO same server, then third domain, then
onto GWIA on Server with Secondary. Shut down all agents on that server and
only instal the gwia software without configuring. Brought up GWIA semed to
be running fine except when I open properties of GWIA in Console One and I
get an error "Unable to locat U:\**\wpgate\gwia\gwac.dc. Full
administration will not be available until installation complete." Then the
properties actually open when I acknowledged this error. Did I miss

I searched this whole server for that file"gwac.dc" and didn't find it,
then searched SDD and found it under "\internet\gwia\NT\root". Should I be
concerned with this?? On the surface everything else seams to be fine.
Thank you for your patience.