We are running OES2 SP1 now and want to upgrade to OES2 SP2. I have read the doc on upgrading and it is not really clear the proper way to upgrade. From that doc:
5.4.4 Upgrading Using Physical Media (Offline)
1.Ensure that the server meets the upgrade requirements. See Meeting the Upgrade Requirements.

2.Insert the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3 CD 1 or SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3 DVD 1 into the CD-ROM or DVD drive of the server that you are upgrading to OES 2 SP2, then reboot the machine.

Step 1 we got but step 2 seems to be the problem: what disc do you use first to start the upgrade, does it matter? Do you use the OES2 SP2 disc or the SLES10 SP3 disc? If one is to start with the OES2 SP2 disc, will yast ask for the SLES10 SP3 discs? We just want to make sure we upgrade properly. Thanks for any clarification on this.