I wanted to create a printer policy but the printer
was not installed on a PC (later I figured out that I had
forgotten to install the iPrintClient previously).

Then tried to install the printer manually.

Started IE and loaded http://<iprint-server>/ipp as URL
on the PC.
Clicked on the printer (to be installed) and I
received the message, that the "iPrint client was not installed".
I clicked "OK" for installation and then "execute" =>
"nipp.exe" => execute.

Now I received the following error message:
"iPrint client - the operating system is not supported
by this client" (sorry, but it was a german error message
and I had to translate it - and my translation is not very
good ;-) ).

If I perform the same scenario in Windows 2000 (ZfD 6.5) or
Windows XP (without! ZCM-Agent installed), everything is ok.

May be there is a bug in the installation of the iPrint Client
in conjunction with ZCM-Agent?

- version of iprint on OES2-SP1: 6.1.20090608-0.4.1
- versions of iprint on XP Professional: 5.12 and 5.30
with ZCM-Agent: 10.2.1

Thanks and regards