Bad experience #1

Sunday we went to a well-known sub shop with the twins because they had coupons good for a free "kids pack". It was almost noon. The lady right in front of us ordered NINE subs. Rather than helping, the lady at the register (who was no longer busy) glanced at us and went into the back room. When they FINALLY got done with hers, each of our girls held up their coupons (visible to the makers) and ordered their preferred subs. They were made and packaged. The useless one came back out to ring us up. She took one look at the coupons and said that they were only good for the small sandwiches and did we want them to re-make them. I looked at the 6 others in line and said, "No, I just want to get the heck outta here." She then asked if we wanted drinks and I said, "Nope, we'll just have water." as I grabbed a couple of cups. Paid and left.

Bad experience #2

We then went to the next place for sandwiches for my wife and I. Had a coupon for buy one, get one sandwiches. (We got lucky with coupons that day, okay!?!) I pulled into the drive through. Asked for two of the sandwiches, explained we had a BOGO coupon, ordered two small shakes and a medium fries. I had to repeat my order TWICE MORE before he was able to get the sizes and flavors right. I finally broke down and ordered one item at a time with a 15-second pause between and asked him to repeat THAT item back to me. Eventually they got the order right.

Bad experience #3

Went to a well-known home improvement store to order a tub surround and shower doors. Looked at floor displays and noted what we liked. Went to desk to order, was asked to wait because Bob was busy for another 5 minutes. Was offered catalogs to look for what we wanted. Waited 15 minutes. Finally another person, who was going to ignore us, asked if he could help. I said, "Yes, we'd like to order a tub surround and shower doors. The glass names in the catalog don't match those on display. Do you have samples or can you describe them to us?" He flatly said, "Nope." and turned away from us. I said, "Okay, then we'll go somewhere else."
We went up to the customer (dis)service desk and asked to speak with the store manager. The lady behind the counter appeared irritated with our request, called on the phone, spoke, hung up, and said, "He'll be right up."
After 5 minutes with no manager arriving, we started to leave. As we passed the counter where she was sitting I looked at her and said, "We're leaving and taking our business elsewhere." She just looked up and said, "Okay."

Bad experience #4

Went to regional home improvement store. Found what we wanted. Asked for assistance to order and got it. Unfortunately the glass we like can't be ordered in the door frame we like. Okay, we can order that from a local company. I'd like to help them out anyway. Then we picked out a tub surround. I asked if it would fit in our Saturn Vue. The guy showed me a box that was maybe 3 1/2 feet deep and said, "it's just like this." I was skeptical, but he assured me it would fit. We bought it, my family left in the car and I drove around back to pick it up. The warehouse dude brought out the box that was, naturally, 5' wide. Nope, not gonna fit. He said I should tie it on top. Nope, not an option. It's wider than the truck and would not stay for the 25 mile trip home. At his urging I checked into delivery - they wanted $55!! So, I went up front for a refund. Then I walked out back and got into my truck to leave. The yard guard asked for the big piece of paper he scanned on my way in. I explained that it wouldn't fit and I got a refund. He said I couldn't leave without giving him the paper. I said, "Look, the lady at the return desk said I don't need it to leave." He said, "I need it." By this time I had had enough incompetence for one day! I looked at the open gate in front of me, said, "Bite me!" and drove off.

This all happened in the span of two hours.

By the time I got home I was so furious I decided to replace a couple pieces of siding I'd been neglecting simply because I wanted to POUND SOMETHING WITH A HAMMER!!!

Naturally I used the opportunity to try to convince my wife that someone was trying to tell us we shouldn't redo the bathroom. It didn't work.