Hi All,

I'm setting up a first DSfW server for a customer using OES2 SP2 / SLES 10 SP3.
It's a new server install with only the needed OES services for DWfW installed. The install is has been done in an existing eDir tree (no previous DSfW configuration).

The first configuration (after installing the packages) went well, but when verifying (as per documentation) if the services has been installed correctly

I'm getting an error with the kinit check where it's not expected.

Tried restarting the server and the (second) LDAP service complains it's not responding.. that seems to be my main issue but not sure where to look for this.
namcd is working well and restarts quickly...
Restarting the xadcntrl services also takes too long.

The servers run in domain.x whereas DSfW is going to run in a new domain.y

kinit administrator
rpcclient -k localhost c dsroledominfo
Error: kinit(v5): Cannot contact any KDC for requested realm while getting initial credentials

cli_session_setup_kerberos: spnego_gen_negTokenTarg failed: No credentials cache found
failed session setup with NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE
Cannot connect to server. Error was NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE

nslookup and ping can resolve the servername (FQDN and short name) just fine??

Must I provision before this starts functioning?

Not sure if I should proceed or not....

Thanks for any wise words!