We have actually 2 nodes in NCS with hardware 64 bits but SLES10sp1 (32bits)- OES2 (32bits) systems, edir 8.8 SP2 (32bits).
We want to upgrade these nodes to SLES10 SP3 64bits - OES2SP2 64 bits and edirectory 64bits.
The upgrade path will be :
Adding a new node with hard and system up to date (all 64bits SLES, OES edir )
Doing an Rolling cluster upgrade.
What are the risks ?
Temporary mixed environnement of edir 32 (8.8sp2) and 64 bit (8.8 sp5) ?
Temporary mixed environnement of OES 32 and 64 bits (maybe first upgrade to OESsp1 ? ) ? just concern about environnement not software enhancements or conflicts.
NCS documentation seems OK for an upgrade path of OES2 to OES2sp2 but with the same systems environnement so ?