I am setting up an HP ml350g6 with 6 physical hard drives in a RAID6 configuration. I am setting up a base SLES10 with XEN running on it. I then want to virtualize OES2 in XEN. My questions come regarding the partitioning and setting that up correctly for OES2. When building the base SLES10 do I have to do anything special in there? Also with the virtualized XEN what should I do for partitioning in there. Currently I have the servers set up like this:

Base SLES10
10g-ext3 = /
50g-ext3 = /var
50g-ext3= /opt
4g-swap= /swap

2g-swap= /swap
10g-ext3= /
48g=free space for NSS volumes

This is not max space just building a test box. Is this an ok setup or should i be partitioning this out a little different?